Troll Stroll
Mount Horeb, WI

There was a time when waters were clean and forests were untouched, when ancient lands spoke of guardians of the Earth. In Scandinavian lands these mysterious creatures were called trolls, and were known to guard what was left of the earth's natural treasures by burying precious metal and minerals underground. Because they were rarely seen, people believed trolls no longer exist. Today, these nearly forgotten creatures are once again in our midst.  Visitors to Mt. Horeb find fun in "Taking a stroll to find the trolls."

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The One-man Band. Not allowed to join the Mt. Horeb Troll band, he became his own and is now a favorite at local fests and celebrations.  His life ambition is to be in the Rose Parade.
The Accordion Player, sometimes called 'Frankie' is a jolly fellow. He loves to play his squeeze box, listen to Green Bay games on the radio, and has a particular fondness for polkafests.
The Gardener Troll is get-down-and-dirty.   He dishes the dirt and waits to  see the fruits of his toil.
The Homeless Troll spends his winter in SoBe and summers in Mt. Horeb where he wanders the streets searching for a shopping cart for his belongings.
The Mayor will greet and welcome you to Mt. Horeb as he presents you the key to the city for a discrete (and substantial) bribe.
Mrs. Olsen's Sjolinds Chocolate House serves up great latte.  She's behind the counter making bienenstich, bratzeli, and fastnacht kuechli that the locals call "knee patches."  Here she is making a big deposit at the bank with the money we spent there. Her pig, Starbucks, looks on in admiration.
Alexander, The Drag Queen Troll's Fairy Godmother routine is always a favorite at the annual Bachelor Son's of Scandinavia fete. We know the change machine on her belt is helpful when fans appreciatively toss quarters during her performance, but we'd rather not to speculate on her hog necklace.
The Tourist Troll loves to have his picture taken because he'll take yours while you take his. Like all tourists, he also loves lutefish wrapped in lefse.
The Tricycle Troll is a good natured fellow but watch out for him as you stroll along the Trollway. Not having the best eyesight (note his thick coke bottle glasses), this poor troll has lost his driver's license. He was forced to use a bicycle, but still got into so many crashes (note the frying pan helmet on his noggin) that the police downgraded him to a tricycle.
The Tub Troll has a bathtub fettish.   He's often heard singing, "Gonna wash that gnome right outa my hair."  His tub is filled with spirits from the local pub, The Grumpy Troll