Lake Geneva, WI Homes

These homes on Lake Geneva were photographed by Judy from the mail boat on July 16, 2007. A few of them are a bit blurry because the boat never stopped, and rarely slowed down.

After the home pictures you'll find a few antique boat pictures.

(These are thumbnails. You can see larger versions by clicking on them.)

 Younglands - A 50-room mansion finished in 1901 at a cost of $1 million dollars. The dining room seats 100 at a single hand-carved table. A miniature golf course and gymnasium are on the forth floor; a three-lane bowling alley is in the basement; and there's a roof-top swimming pool.

T&A have made an offer.

The blue sheet laid out in the yard is a circus tent being erected for a forthcoming party.

Lake Geneva, WI Boats

There seem to be hundreds of classic and antique boats berthed on Lake Geneva. They're difficult to photograph, however, because they're generally protected in canvas-walled boat lifts.

Here are a few Judy could photograph.

We saw three gorgeous steam yachts like this one. The red-shirted figure on the right side of the photo is the mail girl scrambling back onto the mail boat after jumping off to place mail into the rural mailbox on a private pier.
 These vessels are part of the tour/charter fleet.
Louise is said to be the oldest operating vessel on the lake. She was originally steam powered, but may have been converted to internal combustion.
Another shot of Louise. She's just as beautiful on close inspection.