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Judy took this in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Lake Superior with Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is in the background.
Chapter Nine - Discover Ontario Caravan

Ontario's official logo was our inspiration for this caravan logo

The Wally Byam Caravan Club International (Airstream owner's association) sponsors rallies and caravans. They are different: a rally is a one-location gathering, generally to attend an event such as Mardi-Gras or the Rose Parade; while a caravan is a tour that includes overnight stops in a minimum of seven different locations. For twenty three days last summer we toured western Ontario, Canada in an Airstream caravan.

The Cajun Heritage was our first caravan, and this tour of Ontario was our second. Caravans were one of the principal reasons we wanted an Airstream, and after two, we know it was a good decision. Traveling with folks of similar interests is fun, but the best thing about Airstream caravans is the local leaders. They know their area and show us things we may never discover on our own.

Elaine and Gordon Morson, a wonderful couple from Brampton (an Ontario suburb), organized and led this tour of 13 Airstream trailers and motorhomes. We rendezvoused in Tavistock on July 6th and ended in Ottawa on July 29th. Between those dates, the caravan made six stops and visited many great sights. Clicking the Ontario map in the right pane will display a map with a bit about each caravan stop (yellow pins), as well as the stops we made getting to the rendezvous (blue pins).

Volunteerism greases the caravan wheels. Although the leaders work tirelessly, the large number of tasks on a caravan -- from auditing the books to guiding rigs into a new campground -- require caravanners to step up and lend a hand. Our job was to design, edit and publish the Journal.

Each day a caravanner was assigned the task of writing a short essay on the day's activity. We edited these, added photos from other caravanners, and compiled them into the Journal. The final product was a 34 page tome we printed in our trailer and distributed at the final banquet in Ottawa. You can click on the cover below to read it as a PDF. It's a large file that will be discouraging on dial-up, but if you're willing to wait a bit, it shows pretty much everything about the caravan.

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